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Life can be described as a journey through a slice of time. This website provides an avenue for me to present slices of time in my own journey through my  writing and through the writings of others. Some slices presented are in non-fiction format while others are presented as fiction novels.

Writing non-fiction works presents the facts of a slice of time in an entertaining yet educational method. I am fully aware that very few journeys through time by others are interesting to people in the middle of their own journeys. So, the non-fiction slices of time presented are unique slices of time and designed to capture the reader’s attention and hold it past the first sentence.

Writing fiction presents a false slice of time of the journey compiled from many true slices of time with all the boring parts left out and some slices just plain made up. The goal of writing fiction is to seamlessly present the truth and make-believe in such a way the reader doesn’t stop and wonder which parts are true and which parts are make believe. The reader wants it all to be true. They want the slice of time presented to be a true world in which they can lose themselves for a bit. I hope that the novels I offer up meet that desire to enter another world for a while and then allow the reader to return to their own slice of time a little happier.

Please explore this site for a minute and see what interests you. If you do like what you see, sign up for to receive updates as new sections added and new books as they are published by contacting me thru the “Contact Me” link. I will keep the updates to a minimum while I hope to add new books at a maximum. If you do decide to sign up, I’ll give you one of my eBooks in the format of your choice. You can unsubscribe at any time. Also, please tell your friends what you liked on this website.

Lastly, please don’t worry about giving me your email. I don’t sell email addresses for a living – I write stories.

Have fun and always enjoy the journey!

Gregory P Robertson

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